Sunday, November 9, 2008

last weeks in Kenya

hello everyone!

we have not updated our blog for a very long time! we left kenya a month ago and at the moment we are in Uganda (Jinja) and we are living with a local family for some time and we do not have electricity and internet! In Jinja we are volunteering in a primary school teaching orphans maths, science and english. Somehow we managed to find an internet in town and we are updating the pictures only. (some of the pictures are NOT self-explanatory but hopefully we will be updating the blog again in december.)

thanks for your comments :)
take care,
Lucienne and aaron


Miguel said...

what a lovely... decorated... toilet! :-)

just wonderful... :-)

anyway, hope you get as much satisfaction in Uganda as much as you got in Kenya.

take care both of you.

enjoy yourselves.

Helene; Florent; Matthias said...

Happy New Year! We want more news! Where are you?
Hope you are enjoying it! Keep us posted!
Helene, Florent & Matthias, in US now...