Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You!!

We have many people to thank for their help during this most beautiful year in our lives. Without their help our journey would not have been such a great and successful one. Both of us agree that the entire experience is just beyond words.

We feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful opportunity, especially after meeting so many people who hardly have enough food to feed their family for the day.

We would like to thank a never-ending list of people who were happy provide us with a bed, advice or suggestions about places they’ve travelled to, and to everyone who has left comments on our blog (especially Miguel, our official fan). We do not know how to repay you for your kindness, and we hope that we can do the same thing with you when you visit us in our tiny Malta.

Finally, we want to thank the many people we met along the way. People everywhere were just incredibly kind and enthusiastic, and helped enrich our trip in so many ways. It was a great privilege for us to meet them and learn so much about their lives, and we thank them for sharing so much with us. We would like to mention a few special ones!

In Kenya thanks to Dr. Haller, Sonal, Florence, Lennox, Micheal Mjomba, Gideon, Maureen, Omari, Mohammed, Hubert and in particular to our Italian friends who are based in Nairobi for their infinite kindness and hospitality - Paolo, Filippo and Miresi.

We would like thank our Ugandan friends at Kyabirwa Primary School especially Moses Owino and his family who had the pleasure to accommodate us at their home. We also would like to show our appreciation to Morence Mpora for having us stay at the orphanage he runs.

We would like to show gratitude to Rebecca Bell and her flatmates, Trudi, Becks, Daniel and his sister Sera, whom we met during our Africa trip, for being so friendly and hospitable towards us in New Zealand. We are really sorry for not having time to visit our Australian friends Bianca, Cameron and Dan in Melbourne and Sydney... don’t worry it will be next time :)

Big thanks to Uncle Manwel, Aunty Phyliss, Sharon and Josh and little Ben for making our Maltese-Australian experience unforgettable.

We also would like to thank our friends in Dharamsala (India) especially sister Tenzin Lladron and all the nuns at Jamyang Choling Institute, Sonam from Lha, and Norbu, Jampa, Tsering and Lhamo.

We cannot forget to mention our friends in the UK, especially Sally and Barry who kept our winter clothes for a whole year at their house, Leo and Esteban who accommodated us during our stay in Oxford, and Aurelie and Nicolas who provided us with lodging when were in Southampton.

And, now that we’re back in our little island Malta, we will thank in advance everyone who will help us with re-entry to a normal life. We suspect it will take a bit of time for us to adjust, but I am sure that our families will do anything to make us feel home.

We would also like to invite to Malta all our friends who have never been here and, to ask the others who have been here already to come back.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog as much as we have enjoyed working on it.


Helene; Florent; Matthias said...

What a trip! We look forward to seing you again. I hope it will be before you are off again ;)

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